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Update Information. 04/24/2013

Hey every one, It has come to my attention that some people are saying that the update is being released today. Let me clarify this for you all so there is no more confusion.

No update will be released today.

The update is expected to be released on the 1st of May

We told you all to swap to Manual Breeding and stop breeding so that we can let any last birds finish breeding and then we can make changes to the databases and migrate all current birds to the new version of the database in time for our update.

Under no Circumstances are you to let your bird breed from today (04/24/2013) till the update date (05/01/2013)

doing so could increase the risk of damaging either a Gaia Egg or even the female Gaia Bird.

Eggs, We will be manually updating all eggs on this update. As a part of our development we have incorporated an updater into our new version of the eggs but we have to update them first before the updater can be used on them.

we are NOT accepting egg update folders at this time.

once we roll out the update, you can send in folders named very specifically “Your name – Update Egg” We will then update the eggs and send them back within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them.

so in conclusion:
We have asked you to stop breeding in order for us to prepare for this update and to protect your Birds and Eggs.
We will be taking Update folders when we release the update and not a minute before.
Update release is tentatively set for May 1st.

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