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Pre-orders are now out!

Published on April 13, 2013, by in News.

Dear Fellow Gaia Keeper.

Its been a long time in the making but the wait is finally coming to an end. Out now are the pre-order packs for all new Gaia Breedables 2.0! Reserve your spot now to be first to receive the all new system along with some special bonuses as a thank you from us. Packs are available in three keeper bundles. All varieties of pre-order packs come with one month of food as well as a keepsake steamer trunk filled with little goodies that can be displayed at your farm. As an added bonus all pre-orders will receive a special edition plush as a thank you for being our customer.

Packs are available now at the Gaia Breedables main store as well as the Gaia shop at Vania Corners and Huntress Breedables!

The Essential Keeper Pack:

One male and one female egg
One revival syringe
One rejuvenation syringe

The Farm Keeper Pack:

Two male and two female eggs
One Revival Syringe
Two rejuvenation syringes

The Professional Keeper Pack:

Four male and four female eggs
Two revival syringes
Three rejuvenation syringes

Best Regards
Gaia Engineer & The Gaia Team
Gaia Breedables
Gaia Breedables @ Vania Corners
Gaia Breedables @ Huntress Breedables

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