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Beta Status Update

Hey Gaia Keepers. It has been a very long couple of weeks. With all of the things going on real life and second life it is time for us to give you an update to what have been doing.

During the past few weeks we have been collecting information on multiple topics, we have had some very interesting results and also some disturbing results that we have been able to rectify. We have been monitoring coats that have been coming out from the Gaia birds that you have all been breeding and they are proving to be very productive. The results are proving to us that the breeding system is working as we anticipated it to do so.

We have identified a few issues that we are working to fix. Some of our major issues are the following:

  • Gaia Birds roaming far from their home point
  • Birds being affected by stats changes more than expected
  • Bird stats are breaking (or not changing) after moving the Gaia Bird to a different sim.

We are working hard to resolve these issues and we expect an update to be finished very soon.

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