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Beta Status Update

Hey every one. Its Sunday, nice and warm with a dash of sun outside and now onto the news.

During the beta period we have been trying to fix some of our bugs, and we have identified and managed to correct some, so here they are in no particular order.

  • Fixed Auto Breeding. (birds set to auto will now breed correctly)
  • Changing user Group fixed. (you can now set the breeding users to group any and owner only without it defaulting to owner.
  • confirmed that revival syringes work.
  • Confirmed that all crystals currently work.
  • Identified a bug with the stats script where the birds wont continue to gain stats after changing sims. (we are working on a solution for this more information will follow this update)

We have also been working on a way to further improve upon the amount of memory that scripts are using.


Best Regards.

Gaia Engineer & The Gaia Team.

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