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A Post by Breedables Inc.

Today Tracy Sparrowtree posted on her blog Breedables Inc about Gaia Breedables, The Gaia birds. what is coming and a lot of other neat things.

Gaia Breedables are going through some major changes now that Gaia Engineer is almost finished his studies for the year.  A new beta is on the horizon which will deliver a whole new breeding system.  The Gaia Bird will remain the same visually but with new coats and a wider capacity for colour mixes in a single bird.  During beta there will be Pre-Release packs for purchase in preparation of the new release.  For current breeders there will be an update of live birds which will change them over to the new system and coat appearance.  I do get the feeling that there will be a market for the ‘old’ retro coats though.  In fact there will be a sale of ‘costume’ coats which represent the old look for new breeders.

her full article is available here. Breedables Inc Website

Thank you Tracy for taking the time to blog about us. We look forward to seeing more!

Gaia Engineer