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Development Blog & Server Side Update 29/07/2013

Published on July 30, 2013, by in News.

Hello Every one. Its been a very eventful past few days here.

So to start an explanation about the server downtime we had earlier today (approx 2300GMT 1500 SLT) this only lasted less than 2 minutes.

We have made a few tweaks to refine the genetics of the breeding system. This should fix some of the problems we have been seeing on trait passing. We have tested the breeding extensively and we are very pleased with the results.

*Base traits should no longer be recessive to a non base trait.
*The order of dominance table has been refined to work as originally intended (full Mendelian inheritance).
*Lowered the frequency of mutations to 1 in 100
*All newly purchased and newly birthed females will now have 20 births instead of 10.

These changes have all been made server side and are immediate so there is no need for you to update your Gaias. As always we do ask that if you notice any bugs or have any questions, please do contact a member of staff. We also would love to hear feedback on the breeding system.


What we are going to be doing in the future:

Now that the breeding is fixed and finished we are going to continue working on more of our projects first of all.


we would like to introduce the current development version of the new HUD please see image below.


Please note that this is only a prototype Development hud and is in no way a depiction of the finished product.

Family Tree:

We are working to finish creating the new version of the family tree and we anticipate having this available in the next few days. A new announcement will be made when we have finished the development of the family tree for you to admire and adore while you start your breeding programs in full swing!

More Traits!

Over the coming months we will be working to start introducing new traits, such as Beaks, Wings, Head and tail feathers & feet.

Vague Plans:

further to the additional traits we will be working to over haul the Food system (including store food and farm food)  in-light of an anticipated expansion that we will give more information on shortly. We will also be working on making the crystals work in a different way and another way of obtaining them.

Along with all of the bug fixes that we will continue to do, We will be working hard to fix the vendors so that the point system is back online and operational.



Update 2.02 is green for go!

Dearest Farmers

I am very relieved and pleased to announce that our updater is now good to go and works smooth! Pick up a copy of the updater from our Main Store in Koreshan!

If you have 2.0 eggs these are also now safe to update. We recommend as a precautionary measure to record all Gaia bird ID’s on a note card prior to running the update. This includes any eggs. Bird ID’s can be found in the description line of the edit menu.

Anyone who is still missing birds that have not been reported already, please send a note card to Chocobo Engineer with as much information on it as possible about the missing bird. Do not forget your name!

Those waiting on eggs submitted to us for update please rest assured they will be returned asap!

Have a great weekend everyone and as always any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Gaia Engineer & The Gaia Team


Gaia Breedables @ Koreshan


Update Information. 04/24/2013

Hey every one, It has come to my attention that some people are saying that the update is being released today. Let me clarify this for you all so there is no more confusion.

No update will be released today.

The update is expected to be released on the 1st of May

We told you all to swap to Manual Breeding and stop breeding so that we can let any last birds finish breeding and then we can make changes to the databases and migrate all current birds to the new version of the database in time for our update.



Beta Status Update.

Hey every one, we have identified and implemented a fix to the beta version of the Gaia birds that we are currently testing here at Gaia Breedables.

this is specific to the bug found at the beginning of the beta with the animations that were causing the birds to roam further than they were allowed to. We have prevented this and added in a stop gap measure till we can expand on the animation system further.

We will update all other Beta birds ASAP

Best Regards.
Gaia Engineer & the Gaia Team


Changes from the 24th of April

As of the 24th of April we ask you all to turn all your birds to manual breeding and cease breeding till the update is complete.

If you do not do this, you risk damaging any eggs that come out because they may get missed by the update and they will need returning and fixing.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best Regards.

Gaia Engineer & the Gaia Team.


Beta Status Update

Hey every one. Its Sunday, nice and warm with a dash of sun outside and now onto the news.

During the beta period we have been trying to fix some of our bugs, and we have identified and managed to correct some, so here they are in no particular order.

  • Fixed Auto Breeding. (birds set to auto will now breed correctly)
  • Changing user Group fixed. (you can now set the breeding users to group any and owner only without it defaulting to owner.
  • confirmed that revival syringes work.
  • Confirmed that all crystals currently work.
  • Identified a bug with the stats script where the birds wont continue to gain stats after changing sims. (we are working on a solution for this more information will follow this update)

We have also been working on a way to further improve upon the amount of memory that scripts are using.


Best Regards.

Gaia Engineer & The Gaia Team.

This post is open to comments.


Pre-orders are now out!

Published on April 13, 2013, by in News.

Dear Fellow Gaia Keeper.

Its been a long time in the making but the wait is finally coming to an end. Out now are the pre-order packs for all new Gaia Breedables 2.0! Reserve your spot now to be first to receive the all new system along with some special bonuses as a thank you from us. Packs are available in three keeper bundles. All varieties of pre-order packs come with one month of food as well as a keepsake steamer trunk filled with little goodies that can be displayed at your farm. As an added bonus all pre-orders will receive a special edition plush as a thank you for being our customer.

Packs are available now at the Gaia Breedables main store as well as the Gaia shop at Vania Corners and Huntress Breedables!

The Essential Keeper Pack:

One male and one female egg
One revival syringe
One rejuvenation syringe

The Farm Keeper Pack:

Two male and two female eggs
One Revival Syringe
Two rejuvenation syringes

The Professional Keeper Pack:

Four male and four female eggs
Two revival syringes
Three rejuvenation syringes

Best Regards
Gaia Engineer & The Gaia Team
Gaia Breedables
Gaia Breedables @ Vania Corners
Gaia Breedables @ Huntress Breedables


Beta Status Update

Hey Gaia Keepers. It has been a very long couple of weeks. With all of the things going on real life and second life it is time for us to give you an update to what have been doing.



Easter Part 4

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Easter Part 3

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